17.10.2014 - 16.11.2014

III. ŘEHSIGN // 2014

řeh-sign III

discussions and workshops in the Rehlovice Culture Centre

Autumn/ 2014

The aim of the řeh-sign project is to explore the various possibilities of international cooperation of designers and to bring a design fair to the periphery.

The organisers of the project  invite designers (students, young and senior designers, architects) from different countries who would like to discuss the various questions concerning the design theory, theory and praxis, materials and techniques, design centre and periphery, future cooperation, etc.

řeh-sign is open for the designers and creative people from all design fields.

How to apply? - Please, send us the e-mail with your portfolio (or e-mail with the link to your website) on lenkahol@volny.cz until  September the 30th, 2014. Subject "Application/reh-sing".

Each participant has to join at least two meetings (The first meeting is for designers only, participation obligatory, the other two are for public). The Rehlovice Culture Centre would provide accomodation and board. The participants should pay the travel costs and a fee of 500 CZK.

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